The Honor and Vivo characters have declared themselves independently for the leading smartphone market in the first quarter of this year. How is it mon? Well, you can simply use the statistics of another analytical company. Honor relies on company data Canalys and IDC. Looking at IDC slabs, however, Honor is second only to the Oppo character, who did not support the championship.

Vivo again boasts company statistics Counterpoint Research. According to these data, Honor is a competitor and Vivo leads the market with a share of 19.7% (a month-on-month decrease of 1.8 percentage points), Oppo is a company with a share of 18% (a decrease of 4.4 percentage points), and Apple .9% (nrst by 3.2 percentage points) and Honor mt under 16.9% with rocket international growth of 166.8% (nrst by 11.4 percentage points). Followed by Xiaomi with 14.9% and nkdej jednika Huawei with kr at the back with 6.2%.

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Honor bag shows a little yin sla. According to the analytical company Canalys, thanks to 15 million sold smartphones, the company hit the domestic market in the first quarter of this year at 20% and is therefore the number one company, Oppo sold 13.9 million smartphones and another 18% in the market. Apple lagged behind only a little, it sold 13.8 million smartphones and its share is about 18%. Vivo is a quarter with 12.2 million smartphone sales and a share of 16%, I believe Canalys acknowledged that last year, Vivo was the first in the first quarter.

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These are known differences, which can not be caused by small errors in the methodology and the fact that the situation on the Czech market is very balanced. Apple is the first in the German market (he was an executive in the last quarter of last year), Honor, Oppo and Vivo very close and I went to Xiaomi, that’s a fact. This analytical company should reach at least similar results, and the differences are known. It’s bad for how you watch.

You Canalys state that this is the so-called sell-in data, ie the pots of the smartphone, which the manufacturers delivered to the store st. IDC does not state this and operates only with the general term shipments, which are deliveries. In this case, it is a distributor. And Counterpoint operates with the term Sales, ie sales, which in this case should be the actual sales to end customers.

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Simplified, we can interpret the statistics and first from individual analytical companies and smartphone manufacturers in such a way that Oppo stocked the largest smartphone from its factories to distributors in the first quarter. in that period they bought actually from the characters Vivo. Even this simplified view may not be fully truthful, especially when he does not know the exact background of the methodologies and we know that the situation on the Czech market is very balanced.

By the way, the global market fell sharply in the first quarter of this year, Counterpoint reported a decline of 14%, IDC of 14.1% and Canalys even 18%. The interesting thing is that even though Czech characters are fighting for the first position on the market, according to the statistics of Counterpoint Research, the iPhone 13 was the best-selling smartphone.