When he won the Tour in lt 2019 at just 22 years old, he paid Egan Bernal zazzran dt stje Ineos. He was also known to have a problematic cycling child. Not by breeding, but by the state of their body.

Chronic back pain drove her out of the Tour 2020.

This year it was time to go. After the accidents in Colombia, in which he crashed into a bus at full speed, he suffered many injuries, underwent two fifth operations and paralyzed.

Many thought the eu would never ride a bike.

But after two mscch on nm opt sat down.

He is now back in Europe and his colleagues from the dark Ineos are on the roads in another France. He has intensified his rehabilitation. And at least he arrived in Italy as a tourist. On Instagram, he called Bentkch.

Tm Ineos will refrain from sharing any information about Bernal’s return to the lead. Also to keep Egan under pressure.

Most likely, in five seasons, they said first interested.

But mon u this fall, it fell later.

Or maybe go two?

This is now speculated.

Bernalv, Colombian, assured that his patient was completely discharged. We even started talking about the August Vuelt as a place of reboot on the Grand Tour.

According to Rod Ellingworth, the leader of the Ineos, his fiancé is hungry for a return to action like never before. He is mentally damned at the time, he said. But we didn’t set a specific date for Egan’s comeback. we thought we would take it day after day. Even physically, he still has time, but he is still in rehabilitation.

Trnink and Richard Carapaz soon before, not Ecuador went to the Giro:

Ellingworth believes that after all the hardships, the Colombian is drilling like a stronger personality than two.

I talked about this darkness with Luke Row and Chris Froom after their injuries, he said. They assured me that such an event would take a new perspective, and a number of things would suddenly be different.

In addition, life years have hit Bernal’s closest in recent weeks. His mother Flor Marina Gmezov informed in a video on her instagram that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in the second stage. It will give a battle that we will have to undergo. But we are known as a family of fighters, she said at first, referring to her son’s recent accident and subsequent convalescence.

Bernal became the first Colombian cyclist, he only managed to triumph on the Tour, and so he is one of the biggest celebrities in his country. If you speak, takka cel nrod listens to him.

He has now decided to speak in the dark of the May presidential election. He even raised his voice against their biggest favorite, left-wing Gustav Peter.

I am not an economist, but my common sense tells me that the distribution pension will not be long-lasting and infinitely good. I think there is a lot to create in the sunshine and in my thoughts for the future, Bernal wrote at the Socialist Party in a clear reference to Peter’s proposals, which include the distribution of more and more social courts.

Carapaz Bernalovu stj leave?

The presidential election took place in Colombia on May 29 and June 19, and they won a contract of employment in the country for the next three years.

It was Bernal who now gave him the security of a contract in Ineos and until the 2026 season.

On the other hand, Richard Carapaz, who now dreams of winning the Bernal’s first championship in Giro as Ineos, is moving away after the seasons. Tm Ineos indicated that this variant is reln.

FAVORITE. Richard Carapaz from Ineos at a presentation in front of the Italian Giro 2022.

Three people, including Movistar, expressed interest in the Tokyo Olympics. Thus, the Spanish formation, from which he left in 2019, the relationship between nm and the leadership of darkness has cooled.

Carapaz is about to decide his future at Giru – and a kind of triumph at the same lead would patin raise its price. The talented Dani Martnez from the British team could also move him to Movistar.

Giro d’Italia 2022

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There is speculation about Adam Yates’ return to his brother Simon in the darkness of the Bike Exchange.

Richie Porte will not grow anywhere, the Australian will end his career after the seasons. He starts at Giro on the seventeenth and last Grand Tour in curry.

Alaphilippe then rides the trainer

Julian Alaphilippe signed in Quick-Step by the end of the 2024 season, but what happens from this year is dark in the stars. At the end of April, the Liège-Bastogne-Liège classical monument in April suffered a broken shoulder blade, two ribs and a damaged lung.

Even his darkness has not yet announced when he is drilling into the peloton. However, in her statement, the Belgian states: The latest statement revealed that Julian’s shoulder is fully recovered, so I am also going to get a slight thorn in the side.

That darkness at home on the trainer.

Only until the Kodak start of the Tour, where the stars will be the stars, only msc and pl.

Will it make it?

Julian’s condition will continue to be monitored, we will not decide on his return to the seduction program, Quick-Step informed at first. Twenty-nine-year-old Frenchman wrote on Twitter: I’m very busy and everything goes well. I hope this big crash will soon be just a bad memory. He gave the tests to decide the rest of the season.

According to the original fullness, before going to Liège, he was supposed to stay at the alpine center in May, after which he would be tempted by the Dauphin stage in June.

That’s right.

Start on the Tour no longer. But Alaphilipp’s case should be decisive for the next two weeks.