In the last two years of their nine years of life Water Violet have recorded two epés with acoustic guitars and two voices as protagonists.

The activity of Water Violet started in 2012. Miguel Liso’s sister was getting married and he proposed to María Arreche to prepare some songs as a musical surprise. The two musicians were co-workers. What started by chance today gives birth to her second child. It’s called ‘An infinite corner’ and is the continuation of his debut, ‘Aire fresco’, released in 2020. You can listen to the album under these paragraphs.

The new epé appears practically 365 days after the previous one. It stands out, even more, for its nudity with the total prominence of acoustic guitars and the voices of the duo. Also for clear and moving lyrics. They have shaped the work from their own studio and, again, with little promotion from networks.

Last April we were able to hear some preview of the concert that the people of Zaragoza carried out from the Luis Galve room of the Zaragoza Auditorium. They began their career covering different pieces and today they have their own songs in a repertoire that they will continue to perform on stages of all kinds.

Miguel Liso and María Arreche

Miguel Liso likes music. Enjoy picking up a guitar and humming phrases and then turning them into songs. He has been linked to different projects for more than ten years due to his different and constant concerns. His participation in the Ticket group stands out, with which he got two of his songs to be chosen for a national television series, in addition to recording two albums: ‘Based on real events’ and ‘Active absence’.

After this stage that lasted almost ten years, He released solo under the name Dear Wilson, and he launched himself to compose and produce all the arrangements of five songs that he recorded in the epé ‘No one will go to the rescue’. With the desire to play in a group again, Balböa shape, more rocker in style, with which he shapes ‘I received signals’.

This whole story has something very important in common. He has always interspersed Water Violet with all his groups, until, finally, in 2018, he decides to dedicate all his time to this wonderful project, hand in hand with his partner and friend, María, with whom he has been singing for more than seven years. At this stage, Miguel studies and is trained in production so, in addition to composing songs, he can put his own songs on discs.

María Arreche was born in Tolosa. He began his contact with music at the age of 10, in the Hodeiertz Txiki choir from Tolosa, in which he sings for eight years, participating in multiple concerts and projects. He combines this activity with studies of music theory and choir at the Tolosa Conservatory and prepares for piano and classical guitar.

She attended an academic year in the US, being selected to sing in the All State Choir of Delaware. He was part of the choir of the Aragonese Institute of Choral Singing (IACC)She was a founding member of the Phyliophonía de Zaragoza project, as well as the Enchiriadis Female Vocal Group, in which she sang for almost ten years.

At present, he continues to receive vocal technique classes with the Aragonese tenor Jesús Quílez and has participated for two years, in addition to this, in another musical project called Suyai, together with Teresa Reula and Danilo Sepúlveda.

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