Only a few minutes ago, a year ago, a tornado stood in another Moravian area, leaving a mess and destroying countless houses and other buildings. Construction and demolition waste has been cleared from the affected villages for several months. Su and dal garbage gathered people in those towns in Moravsk Nov Ves, Mikulice and Hodonn. A total of 210,000 tons of waste was collected here, which was removed by the company AVE CZ, which was selected by the South Moravian Region for the collection and disposal of waste. I am glad that they managed to remove the rest of the code after a torch. We managed it within the set contractual deadline and the rubble is over, according to South Moravian Governor Jan Grolich.

Tdic lines operated directly in the city

The waste found in the landfills in southern Moravia consisted mainly of mixed demolition materials, municipal waste, wood and wood. The remnants were used to produce energy, other materials were used, or removed.

We started helping the affected people as soon as it was possible. On the one hand, this catastrophe affected a number of our colleagues, on the other hand, we had our own premises in these locations. We gradually secured a total of three locations where construction and other waste was collected, then we subjected the waste to a laboratory test room, we brought in the technology of the two sorting lines and we completed the work within the agreed deadline. Therefore, we must now declare that the results of the tornado in the form of the created landfills, we have ended, to the director of the company AVE CZ Radek Halbich.

During the work, AVE CZ mechanically sorted the waste with the help of technical technology, but also with the help of human beings. After the initial production of materials, such as wood, plastics or metals, it saw a number of mobile sorting lines. The weekly and crushing of large concrete pieces took place directly on the warehouses, but also in the final recycling plants.

The last sludge was removed from the Ostrava lagoons

In addition to waste management, AVE CZ specializes in the remediation of environmental waste. One of the company’s biggest goals is the rehabilitation of the Ostrava lagoons in the OSTRAMO area in Ostrava. These days, work on the removal of oil sludge is over.

the right of lagoons vpnnm ended in the locality in 2018. Among other things, the odor was removed, which overwhelmed the inhabitants of Ostrava for a long time. By December 2020, the company removed a total of 91 thousand tons of sludge from Ostrava.


The solid treated sludge was used to produce electricity and heat. The only end facility in the Czech Republic that was able and willing to receive material from the lagoons and beat it out was the Sokolovsk coal-fired pressure plant in Vesov. Its bag operation ended in August 2019.

After a long and short period, our company acquired a new customer in Germany for energy use. At the same time, we have secured all the necessary permits for cross-border waste transport, said Pavel Ivckov, AVE CZ spokesman. In recent years, the waste has therefore gradually been transported to a plant in Germany so that the sludge can be used to generate heat and energy.

At the moment, there is no waste from the Ostrava lagoons in the republic. The last sludge, which was waiting to be transported to the sludge, first arrived at the customs station in Germany these days. Pavel Ivckov closes the last remaining tons of this waste.