The companies Warner Bros and DC Comics They face strong controversies, since it is rumored that they would have helped the actress Amber Heard to be able to return to the movies, in the midst of his controversies caused by his trial with his former partner Johnny Depp.

A few days ago the particular event took place CinemaCon 2023where those attending the event were able to enjoy the premiere of several Hollywood films, in which he undoubtedly stood out Aquaman The Lost Kingdom. The big surprise was not the film itself, but the attendees were able to observe what would be the return of actress Amber Heard to the big screens.

As a result of this, millions of fans of the film have dedicated themselves to attacking the producers and marketers, due to the scandal that the actress had between 2020 and 2022 due to her separation with the actor. Johnny Depp.

Many fans are dissatisfied with this decision, since it was shown through several trials that Amber had written an article against the actor, accusing him of being a “beater of women”, which turned out to be completely false.

Given this, social networks such as Twitter, TikTok, instagram Among others, they have harshly attacked the actress and the producers, for continuing to give roles to the model, and not to Johnny Depp, who ended up being the only innocent in all the controversy.

Among the millions of comments, the following stand out:If you’re going to cancel Johnny Depp for doing nothing, CANCEL AMBER HEARD FOR ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING. Everyone should petition not to watch this movie and make its box office sales go through the roof.«, «Amber Heard is a beautiful blonde Hollywood woman, it would take more than accusations of abuse to nullify her“, among other.