The Russian invaders tried to attack the positions of our defenders, but received a powerful response.

Defenders of Ukraine destroyed a Russian tank from the Javelin ATGM / screenshot

The Ukrainian military showed a video of the destruction of a Russian tank with the help of an anti-missile tank system Javelins.

Soldiers of the 30th Separate Mechanized Brigade. Prince Konstantin Ostrozhsky toldthat the Russian invaders tried to attack their positions, but received a response.

“It’s on fire!.. The tank of the Russian invaders. They brazenly tried to attack the positions of the 30th Specialized Rifle Brigade, but received a powerful response. Just look how efficiently and effectively our guys work with the Javelin anti-tank systems,” the brigade said in a statement.

The video shows how a rocket flies in the direction of the tank, and then explodes it. How many Russian invaders were liquidated in this case is not specified.

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War in Ukraine – loss of Russians

As UNIAN reported, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, over the past day Ukrainian military eliminated 390 Russian invaders, therefore, the total combat losses of the enemy since February 24 have increased to about 84 thousand 600 people. In addition, over almost 10 months of a big war, the enemy lost 2,892 tanks, 1,870 artillery systems and thousands of other equipment.

In particular, analysts of the Oryx project considered that Russian army lost at least 8,044 pieces of equipment since the start of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. In particular, 4927 vehicles were destroyed, 198 damaged, 300 abandoned and 2619 captured. We are talking only about equipment, the loss of which is confirmed by photo and video materials.

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