Yesterday, May 6, five traffic accidents were registered in Taganrog, during one of which a pedestrian was hit. The man died from his injuries at the scene of the accident.

According to the propaganda inspector of the traffic police of Taganrog, Pavel Lebed, the tragedy occurred at 21-30 on the Mariupol highway. According to preliminary information, a 48-year-old driver of a Hyundai Accent hit a 44-year-old pedestrian who was walking along the carriageway. The man died at the scene from his injuries. Checking in progress.

The traffic police of Taganrog reminds that pedestrians must move along sidewalks or footpaths, and in their absence, along roadsides. At night or in conditions of insufficient visibility, pedestrians are advised to carry objects with retroreflective elements and ensure the visibility of these objects by vehicle drivers. You need to cross the carriageway at pedestrian crossings, and in their absence – at intersections along the line of sidewalks or roadsides. At unregulated pedestrian crossings, pedestrians can enter the carriageway after they estimate the distance to approaching vehicles, their speed and make sure that the crossing will be safe for them.

Earlier we reported that in Taganrog a woman in a foreign car provoked an accident.

Photo from the TP archive