The new fairway is preparing waterways directorate (VC) between Veselm nad Moravou and Vnorovy in the Hodonnsk region. The nine-kilometer roundabout cruise will be prepared by technical gadgets.

Pmo in Vesel wants the Grand Prix to have a connecting canal pierced, which connects the Bav kanl and Czech Moravia. The difference in water levels here is due to the ship’s hoist, it is to arise near the German park. A similar zazen is not yet available in the Czech Republic.

It would therefore be a technical escape within the Czech Republic, which is nevertheless used on waterways in Europe, even in an incomparable amount, describes the director of the VC Lubomr Fojt.

According to him, the boat hoist works on the principle of a bathtub. The vessel enters the steel tub and it moves vertically with the water and the vessel to the required position. Against the fairway, there is no need to flush the water to fill and empty it, to allow the ship to overflow between two levels in the canal and the river.

As soon as the project is completed, the ships from Vesel nad Moravou will be able to pass through the Bao canal to Vnorov, they will reach the Czech river through the lock chamber and sail back to Vesel. The ship’s hoist is again drilled on the canal, respectively, and into the Veselí port.

It should be built in the years 2028 and 2030. In Vesel, however, it is necessary to change the ground, because the one with a similar construction did not count. The process of change in probh.

Birth rate in the maximum range

Mayor Vesel project vt. The Moravian River between Vnorovy and Veselm nad Moravou is navigable today, only errors connected to the canal, describes Petr Kol (TOP 09).

In total, the investor should spend 400 million crowns on the new Veselí attraction. The system of death is thus born of the existing port in Vesel nad Moravou by 46 ship walls, so a total of 81 ships will be able to anchor there.

At once, he stopped playing. It only opened in a modernized form last year. The year and lasting work at that time cost the headquarters of waterways a total of 97 million crowns.

The next port is designed to the maximum extent that the site can maintain while maintaining the comfort for waterway users. At the same time, in the proposal, care is taken to ensure that the port’s public spaces are equally attractive stays for the city, with the aim of making the port a natural system of Vesel nad Moravou.

A brand new port will be created in Zarazice, a cheerful town, where they will then be able to anchor three small vessels. The waterway directorate did not choose this part of Ba’s canal by accident. The first is the high potential for tourism development. Vesel nad Moravou is one of the most navigable towns on the Baov Canal.

Lod to Hodonna

And they are far from the only ones full of the development of the waterway, which was visited by 75,000 people last year alone. Bav kanl currently reaches a length of about 53 kilometers, however, in the future is being considered for the construction of the Blov and Rohatec locks, which will be extended to a total length of about 76 kilometers.

The vessels will thus reach the tourist-attractive Hodonna, along the beautiful floodplain of the Sudomice weir and the navigable eight-hundred-meter-long Radjovka watercourse, which flows into the Morava River.

In addition to spectacular projects on the Baov canal, the cadon will also cost millions. This year is no different.

Just before the approval, the modernization of the upper and lower lines of the Vnorovy I and Vnorovy II locks, according to the lower line of the Kunovsk les locks, which follows on from the new construction opened last year. It meets modern standards for navigation and safe movement before entering the lock chamber, describes the General Director of the Moravia River Basin, Vclav Gargulk.

Modernization is now planned for the other eight locks of the Baova kanla, a total of 61 million crowns has been allocated to the Moravia River Basin.

And only a little expensive construction, which will continue even after the end of the navigation season, is the repair of the fortifications in the Baova canal from the Sudomice weir to Vklopnka. The bearing must be removed from the riverbed and the runs reinforced with a quarry stone.

In the repaired section, we restored the parameters of the fairways, repaired and ensured the stabilization of the run. After the end of the main sailing season, we will continue the repairs again so that there is no restriction on sailing, to Gargulk.