January 4, 2023, 21:40 – Public News Service – OSN

Serbian leader Aleksandar Vucic lists 9 countries that have withdrawn recognition of independence Kosovo. He announced this during a press conference at the end of the year.

He shared the following information: “As many as 106 countries do not recognize the independence of Kosovo, and only 84 unambiguously recognize it. Three countries are not completely clear. We have nine that have withdrawn recognition: Somalia, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Eswatini, Libya, Guinea, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia and the Maldives. We are expecting ten.

The tense relations between Pristina and Serbia require an increase in the number of NATO contingents and military equipment in Kosovo, said Albin Kurti, head of the government of the partially recognized republic.

According to Kurti, the Kosovo authorities are currently increasing the defense budget, as well as increasing the number of military and reservists. At the same time, an increase in the contingent of KFOR forces, according to the politician, would contribute to the efforts of local authorities in the field of defense. More about it read in material Public news service.