December 10, 2022, 19:34 – Public News Service – OSN

Cosmopolitanism is not a characteristic feature of today’s Russian youth, said VTsIOM Director General Valery Fedorov. His words are quoted by RIA Novosti.

Nevertheless, the specialist noted, the feeling of being a “citizen of the world” is quite widespread among people aged 18-24.

“But, for example, in the cohort of 14-17 years old, this manifests itself much less. In general, cosmopolitanism can be considered not a characteristic feature of youth, but such a temporary fluctuation that has formed, but now gradually, most likely, will begin to disappear due to natural changes, ”Fyodorov noted.

The General Director of VTsIOM presented the results of the survey. According to the study, among young people from 14 to 35 years old, in the category of 14-17 years old, 11% of respondents said they felt like a “citizen of the world”, in the category of 18-24 years old – 38%, in the category of 25-29 years old – 23%, in the category of 30-35 years – 28%.

Roanee Public News Service informedthat, according to recent studies, such a disease as diabetes mellitus has become much younger. So from 1990 to 2019, the incidence rate among young people around the world increased from 117.22 to 183.36 per hundred thousand of the population. The mortality rate also increased: from 0.74 to 0.77 per hundred thousand people.