The mother of v has left speechless ARMY by asking her son for an action that virtually all mothers do; Ask her son to return her Tupperware.

On the South Korean variety show ‘Summer Vacation’ the actor Park Seo Jun spoke to taehyung from bts to ask him for a quick advice on food, since he did not know which dish to choose to eat.

While the video call conversation was going on between them, choi wooshik shared an anecdote of the idol, but V did not let him finish his story to ask him to return his mom’s tupperware, since he was asking for it.

The actor said that on that occasion, V’s mom made sandwiches for them and put them in a container that she uses to store the kimchi. He thought and interpreted that the tupperware was also a gift just like the food, so he did not return the container to V.

However, Taehyung didn’t like the way he was using it that much, so he seriously told the actor to “give it back”. The actor only had to promise that “I would take him back!” while he laughed at the Idol’s request that you ask to retrieve the tupperware to return it to his mom.

With this action, V made it clear to us that his mother is also extremely strict when it comes to taking care of her containers, just like our mothers.