So much V how the other members of bts They have shown over time that the union that exists between them is real and true, their brotherhood manages to go beyond the screens and makes everyone exalt army for the great affection they show each other. And that’s exactly what happens between V Y Jimin, to the point that one of them showed that not even money is a border when it comes to showing his love.

The friendship that exists between taehyung and Jimin, is one of the strongest and most loved among BTS fans. Their ties of brotherhood are so strong that even they don’t skimp on money when it comes to giving each other gifts.

During one of the birthdays of the idol, V decided to buy a very luxurious jacket for Jimin, which has a cost of thousands of dollars and with which it was more than demonstrated that money does not matter when it comes to giving gifts to your dear friend and partner.

At this beautiful gesture, the army She couldn’t help but feel moved, since these details are a very specific sign that the friendship that exists between the two idols is very real and, above all, lasting.

And you, what do you think of the luxuries gifts that V has given Jimin?