On Sunday, Prague Sparta showed probably the worst performance in the current season and fell 0: 3 on the hot ground in Pilsen. But the group around Captain Bořek Dočkal could have lost by an even more significant difference.

On Monday morning, the historically most successful Czech club announced that coach Pavel Vrba, who had recently made a very annoying impression, was fired immediately.

“In the last three competitive matches of the season, the team will prepare an implementation team led by Michal Horňák, the current B-team coach,” said the Letna club on the social network.

Pavel Vrba has been worrying about Sparta’s bench lately.

The former national team coach, who was behind the huge successes of rival Pilsen, has for a long time faced criticism not only from Spartan fans, but also from domestic experts and former players.

For example, Tomáš Řepka wished the experienced coach to leave and made it public.

“Sparta should be ashamed of what it did yesterday, everyone, the whole team, including the lawnmower and the last substitute. Unfortunately, players have not been able to identify with Vrba’s philosophy or approach for a long time, they do not have them on their side for a long time and it is obvious. I trusted him a lot, but overall it is already clear that it is not good. “ Řepka wrote on his Instagram after the explosion in Pilsen.

Tomáš Řepka

It takes a big cut, writes Řepka, who calls after the end of Rosický

The former representative points out that Vrba received almost no reinforcements in his team in the winter. Only the talented forward Čvančar from Jablonec came.

“It lacks extreme bullshit and it wants a ready-made striker. What pissed me off the most was that the whole game was uninterested. Pilsen had it easy. She showed exactly what had always adorned Sparta. Deployment, passion and use of any situation and most importantly were effective. The manuscript of Michal Bílek, whom I experienced in Sparta, can be seen in Pilsen. It takes a big cut and cleans the staff. The one who really wants it and especially who has it should play for Sparta, ” suggests Rapeseed.

The football storm has already indicated in the past that the aging captain Bořek Dočkal and especially the criticized sports director Tomáš Rosický should leave Sparta.

“Pack Rosický and his brother, bring Tomáš Sivok as a sports director and Holoubek, Svědík or Horejš as a coach. Pavelka, Krejčí senior and Sáček out of the staff, “ wrote the former captain in March after Sparta fell in a derby with Prague’s Slavia.

Throw Rosa out too, fans write. Sparta attracts a German coach

Many Sparta fans also agree that Rosický should pack up as soon as possible, who express their anger on the club’s Facebook and discussion forums.

“Well, when do you send that Rose to the barn? When?” He was a good footballer, but apparently there is nothing more than a coach in Sparta. How many coaches have we replaced? Wouldn’t it be worthwhile for the sports manager to accept his share of responsibility for the poor results of the last few years? ” asks Spartan leadership dialed fan David.

Pavel Vrba and Tomáš Rosický looked like perfect partners. But the reality was a little different.

In the meantime, there is already lively speculation in the corridors that Vrba na Letné will be replaced by renowned coach from Germany, Heiko Herrlich. Sparta embarked on the path of so-called internationalization in 2017, when the overpaid Italian Andrea Stramaccioni arrived.

Everyone certainly still remembers how big the trouble was and how long they recovered from his engagement in Letná …