The willow team will take over at the start of the summer training. He returns to Baník after eighteen years.

He started his coaching career in Ostrava, working as an assistant to František Komňacký in the 2003/04 championship season.

“I wanted to go back to where I started with big football. I have a relationship with Baník, the club has ambitions, a good background, an academy and great fans, ” Willow said of his return.

From February 2021 he led the Prague Sparta. He finished on her bench on Monday after losing 0: 3 in Pilsen. Less than a week later, he had already agreed on a new engagement.

“When the opportunity arose to open negotiations with Pavel Vrba, there was nothing to hesitate. We had to react very flexibly, because there was immediately considerable interest in such a coach on the market, “said Michal Bělák, Baník’s executive director, for the club’s website.

“The negotiations were very fair, fast and smooth, and it quickly became clear that we were in tune with a similar note together. And above all, Pavel Vrba himself showed that he was interested in going to Baník, which made the matter easier, “added Bělák.

Fifty-eight-year-old Vrba was elected coach of the decade at the end of last year. He led the Czech national team at Euro 2016 and tried his hand at foreign engagements in Makhachkala and Ludogorets Razgrad, with which he won two Bulgarian titles. He celebrated his greatest success with Pilsen, with which he won the Czech league in 2011 and 2013 and then even after his return in the 2017/18 season.

Galásek will lead the team for the last time on Sunday

Tomáš Galásek will vacate Vrb. The 43-year-old former national team member of Ostrava worked for Ondřej Smetana as a collaborator for most of the season, and after his dismissal he became the head coach. In Sunday’s last league round of the superstructure group for the title in Pilsen, they will say goodbye to Baník, and they will occupy the final fifth place with the team.

“That year was very inspiring and enriching for me and at the same time exhausting, it gave me a lot. But I have a family in Germany and over time I began to miss her a lot. I feel the need to give her back what she sacrificed for me during her football career, and that was the reason why I have now decided to return home, “Galásek explained.

He had known earlier that he was going to Germany with his family. “Tomáš leaves a piece of well-done work here as well as his unmistakable energy and positive thinking. He informed us in advance that it would take him home to his family and he intends to return after the season, “said the club’s sports director Alois Grussmann. “We are breaking up for good and we will see what time brings. Maybe one day our paths will cross again, “he added.