The American press agency AP informed about the old industrial complex petvoenm for volunteer debt. Volunteers make bulletproof vests, anti-tank baskets and camouflage stitches. However, this is just the beginning of all activities that the city has undertaken on its own initiative.

Volunteers in Zporo also make portable stoves and pucks for Ukrainian soldiers. One section thus specializes in vehicles, while others specialize in ambulances. Dal organizes food supplies and medical supplies.

Due to the fact that the front line is only 50 kilometers away from the city and the demand from the Ukrainian army is huge, some workers do not look for shifts. This is especially true of the cut, which produces bulletproof vests.

Help the first and the same proposal

The entire volunteer operation was initiated by Vasyl Busharov, a citizen of Zporo, and his friend Hennady Vovenko. He ran a furniture company, which bore the name Palianycja. This is a name for a type of Ukrainian black bread, which, according to many Ukrainians, the Russians are unable to pronounce correctly.

The operation is entirely dependent on volunteers, who are now more than 400. Sloen is very diverse. Everyone from tailors to craftsmen and first-graders took part. In addition to those who go directly to the production, volunteers are also developing humanitarian aid and medical equipment purchased financial donations.

Volunteer Olena Grekov, who works as a public lawyer, was working in Thailand when Russia turned over Ukraine. She wondered if it meant God to come back. Her husband Adva arrived and her sons lied to her so she wouldn’t. But I decided I had to fidget, she said. Add that you don’t need anything here.

She knew Busharov. The 3rd day went to Ukraine, the next day she gathered the equipment and the 5th day was in Palianycja. Since then, it has been there every day.

The transition from ball design to the creation of functional bulletproof vests was a new experience for me, said Grekov. For the vests of the vests, which have added armor rafts, the bag was looking for feedback from the soldiers. He is now involved in the production of several versions, including a prototype summer vest.

For many volunteers, this activity is personal

In another part of the industrial complex, the former Ihor Prytula maskovac st. The wolves arrived in Palianycja to arrest her. My experience in the army, so it was easy for him to get feedback from the soldiers about what exactly you need.

His 27-year-old son died at the end of the year when he helped evacuate people from the northern Ukrainian city of Ernigov. According to him, the wolf is evil and means only death. Vte me, vm to, ekl. It’s evil, it’s tears, it’s sadness.

Hundreds of people each day

The call for volunteers traveled immediately after the outbreak of the conflict. Busharov announced his project on Facebook on November 25. The second day, 50 people registered. From 150 people, from 300 people. And we all work together to protect our city, said the initiator of the project.

Molotov’s cocktail became the first product at all, in case the ruth soldiers advanced on the Zporo. In ten days, they produced 14,000 of them. These are three large metal beams connected under a ground, which is used as a part of the city’s defenses.

He urgently became especially unbearable vests. There is a shortage of Ukrainian troops. It was not easy to learn to make them, according to Bushar. It took me two days and those sleepless nights, I didn’t understand what needed to be done, Vovenko agreed.

The team volunteered for various types of steel and tested them. Then they gave them a breakthrough. It turned out that very good properties of steel used for closed car, said Vovenko. The steel test plate for the closed car showed bullet pads, but the bottom did not penetrate.

Help is real, vests save lives

Vests and others that are produced in Palianycja, the company provides free troops. It’s time for him to file and prove that he works in armd. In addition, each vest is addressed and there is a lot for each with a note that it is not for sale.

Palianycja has so far produced 1,800 bulletproof vests in two months, Busharov said, adding that there were about 2,000 more troops in Ukraine on the waiting list.

Vovenko said that he had heard about 300 people whose vests had saved their lives. It is incredibly inspiring and necessary, it added.