Subbotnik “Green City” under the auspices of the Russian environmental operator was held on the beach “Oasis” in Makhachkala.

This is one of the 10 flagship events under the project. During the cleanup, the beach and its environs were put in order, more than 200 bags of waste were collected, several tires from cars were removed. As part of the campaign, a small volleyball tournament was held among the participants of the subbotnik.

“Subbotniks are a good tradition of our country. It is useful to hold such events among young people, to instill good habits in them. With the support of the REO, subbotniks are being held this year as part of an extensive program to promote eco-volunteering in Russia. In April and May, they will be held in at least 40 regions of Russia. Many small subbotniks and 10 flagship ones are planned, Makhachkala is one of them. We are glad to see everyone who wants to make their city and region cleaner at our events.”– said the general director of the Russian environmental operator Denis Butsaev.

It should be noted that the Russian environmental operator launched a series of subbotniks “Green Landing” of REO in more than 30 regions of the Russian Federation.