How is ᚓ Petr Sepei?
Pl Petr, pl j.

Peter’s relationship with Iveta was known to the fullest of circumstances, it was not a spontaneous love story, as is often said. Can you imagine that your personal life would be just a wall of sacrifice for you?
Petr el pes mrtvoly, ml jasn cl uspt. We are different in that. I don’t want to let it go, but of course I also have to think about the future. What happens to me doesn’t have to take long. I am preparing for roles and I do not want to leave anything to chance, but in my personal and relationship life I do not mind.

Talk about everything as a shooting star of the world, you actually go from role to role. Do you know the famous? How do you take the word out?
I don’t feel famous and there is no reason for me to think so. The top of what I found, I’m in line. Of course I wonder how there will be responses, and everything will be out, and dark on it, but I dream with my feet on the ground.

Vojtch Vodochodsk in Iveta minisria (2022)

Reisr Michal Samir studied abroad with a degree in working with actors. How did his approach come from other reisr, did you work with them?
Everything is the same with Mike, and I realize over time how precious the experience was. Before shooting, we had a few tests where we looked at where to go, and I think we did it. We only had little things on the set. Mike knew what he wanted, and at the same time he could be clear and sensitive.

I did not interfere in the scene, Arthur asked about the ministry Iveta

In Ivet ve sing with Anna Fialová. Was according to vs Petr Sepei a good song?
The good song was definitely. Iveta was a bit better and I think Petr married. Mon doesn’t think so, but their duets are not easy to sing. Anika and I prepared honestly for the rest. But it was still okay in the studio, the microphone wouldn’t forgive anything.

Where, in turn, would Peter’s destinies have gone if he had not perished? Would music be dedicated? Would they stay with Iveta?
The music would probably be dedicated, but he spoke boldly. Music has changed a lot since then, the question is whether he could keep up.

Vojtch Vodochodsk and his family Dagmar and Ivan at the premiere of minisrie Iveta (May 4, 2022)

Can I arrest Iveta Bartoov and Petr Sepi to reach a generation of your peers?
My peers and I experienced Iveta and at a stage when her bulldog was parasitizing and parasitizing mui. This srie d people look much deeper into Iveta’s personality. And you will get the answer to that, for her fate in the end ended so tragically.

m that pbh addressed vs?
It’s hard that I didn’t know Iveta or Peter. This, combined with the way the scene was written, confirmed that something was happening and I wanted to be a part of it.