For 139 crowns a month, the customer will receive the data volume for which he operated 249 crowns before the glued balcony. For this amount, which guaranteed the user, in addition to unlimited free of charge, even 1.2 GB of data, he will gain more than twice as much after the change: 2.5 GB.

Vodafone subscribers can now use up to 6 GB of data when using various combined packages, ie twice as much data so far (3 GB). Even for the highest package combining unlimited SMS with the specified data portion, you still pay 349 crowns.

Six gigabytes thus offer a new package for Vodafone prepayments, ie Komplet, do vech st, combines data with unlimited free and unlimited SMS. Thanks to the double data portion, the price of 899 K msn is approximately closer to the prices of the standard tariff offers.

The cost of 1 GB is calculated at a price of 149.83 K. In the case of an unlimited tariff with a limited data volume, Vodafone would not have a relevant offer in the offer, so after the calculation of the cost of the highest data limited tariff with only 4 GB (Red Basic for 599 K) we get to the staple 149.75 K for 1 GB. The difference in the cost per gigabyte of data is therefore negligible, with card prepayments you also have to look for enough credit, which is needed to renew a new package.

The cheapest of the combined balconies for 99 crowns, in addition to unlimited SMS in the network, contains a new 1.2 GB (originally 500 MB) of data. The package with such a data volume cost Vodafone customers 199 crowns in the past, the new ones will receive 2.5 GB for this amount.

For all packages activated from May 9, customers have a new data volume available, in the case of its active package, the data is delivered and at its next automatic renewal.

Competitive T-Mobile offers separate data packages for prepaid Twist cards, there are only two in the future: one-off with 500 MB for 79 crowns and automatically renewed with 800 MB for 109 K. Regular monthly influx of mobile data can also be ensured by looking at package, which at the price of 998 K contains 12 1 GB of data, ie a total cost of 83 K msn. According to the current price in the offer, O2 has three monthly data packages: 500 MB for 150 K, 1.5 GB for 299 K and 5 GB for 549 K.