So I went to the circus. Disappointing for me.

I think it’s great how they spent their wedding day on Instagram.

Like Kavalk? Was he pulling Kju’s pubic hair voluntarily, out of curiosity, for food, or salary?

This is just a reaction to the wedding Karlos Vmola and Lely Ceterov to Obansk plovrn. Expres’ information has been confirmed that the dinner was only a theater for invited guests and selected media. It’s invalid, it’s just fun, the MMA loser and the Slovak sex bomb should have said yes to each other a few weeks ago.

The wedding of the century? Bohuel remained only with the left Mr.

Instead of a valid dinner with many formalities, there was an army of By Jim Krampol in the role of oddvajcho.

It was flawless, asn. It is half past eight in the evening and I am going to a banquet. It has a beautiful atmosphere, but everyone is calm. Have fun, Karlos and Lela, I really like it the actor spoke to, who also revealed that who wrote e, he had a dream before the wedding.

It was full and some lawyer from Karlos supplemented it. As for my st, I put it together with my friend and photographer Milo Schmiedberger, added Krampol, who was full of enthusiasm and didn’t eat superlatives.

It was just such a fun show. Karlos loves it. hunter, who did this kind of sport, it needs theater and attention. And that wedding was really megalomaniac and krishna. A lot of the time I realize that I don’t have the guts for it. When we lived in Okoi, my wife took a few tests and could tell that it was difficult, so it was really just a show for amused people, ekl pot for Krampol for Express.

Among the VIP guests were Natlie Grossov, Sagvan Tofi, Horst Siegl and Michal Kavalk, which is a party that would fit perfectly into the film and would not surprise you at all in Kamek, on the contrary.

It was a surprise to many, but there was even a monkey exercise at Vmolov’s merriment! The MMA survivor was willing to take pictures and on Instagram it could appear that he married someone other than Lela Ceterová.

He gave a great mess of movies! This oven couldn’t be true says a lot of people.

The New Manel kiss

a person would really be able to imagine for a very long time that in reality he was writing a sad funny comedy. Only with the difference that the patron is not Pavel Psek, but Ivo Rittig. The influential businessman does not have the film in his portfolio yet, but that may change soon.

In the end, the newlyweds themselves chimed in to give the impression that it was not a classic wedding, but a fun party. They documented in the fire and uploaded it to a mobile phone, from where the snapshots and a short video were sent to the world.

Unfortunately, they did not follow the example of the rapper and influencer Sharlota, who took the mobile phone and cleaned it on the day of her wedding, according to which she did not take care of it in order to enjoy her big day.