A theater for wedding parties and fans? That’s how the afternoon could be summed up Karlos Vmola and Lely Ceterovwhich took place today at 4 p.m. on the pier of the Obansk shipyard.

They were led by actor Ji Krampol in what should have been a surprising afternoon. And it worked. Questions immediately arose, how is it possible that the voice of Jean-Paul Belmond can marry me?

Lela like a princess.

It was just a show, I can’t take the day off, he was known for Blesk Krampol.

Even the hanging badge that hung on his chest was just a dummy that could easily be found on the Internet. How is it possible that Krampol hung her on his neck, and is it a misdemeanor?


Only the mayor, the deputy mayor and only the council are authorized to do so, if it is not a church village. The church representative would then be called upon to do so, ekl Expresu prvnk Zdenk al.

For Krampol, it wouldn’t even be a day’s offense. However, it is the case that for many people it can be a big disappointment.


There wasn’t even a registrar at the dinner to bring the matriarch’s book so that the witnesses could look into it and sign, besides, no one asked the witnesses for the obansk notes.

For such a theater?

Karlos with Lela at their permanent address in Mchenice near Prague, only the two of them, with witnesses in front of them, could formally marry, so that they can then correct the invalid ones as they see fit. In that case, they could easily invite Jiho Krampol to his wedding party and not go through the formalities, which are quite lengthy.


Or are you only preparing for the formal wedding in the family circlebut most of all, you want to have fun with your friends and not think about anything that needs to be done during the formal dinner.

Among the possible reasons, for which they only took it for granted, there is also the possibility that Vmola wants to look for his property. And since the wedding was filed really quickly, it didn’t have to be executed a preliminary contract that would suit both partners.