Undissolved couple, so MMA veteran Karlos Vmola and Ive Rittig, a well-known businessman who supports him in his career. Znt was also at the public wedding of the century, wrote Rittig to Vmol as a witness. So, and until the spring.

While the wedding ceremony lasted until the morning and the rapper Rytmus performed a lively wedding party on the dance floor, Ivo Rittig loved the house between eleven o’clock and midnight. He also took his two girls, that is, his wife and daughter, who is slowly growing into a young woman, but alcohol is still forbidden.

A large family is typical for Rittig pmo. He has a total of four children with his model Lenka, and when Expres did his first big interview for the tabloid in 2018, he smiled cheekily, saying that he might not have the last word.

Ivo Rittig el Vmol as a witness.

In addition to his daughter, the influential businessman has sons. The oldest is studying abroad, he took the middle one to the Octagon on the weekend, where Enich Vmola won the title in the half-weight. This time, however, Rittig got a good deal for both young boys, maybe during the wedding they played somewhere with Vmol’s son Carlos junior.

Ivo Rittig

Ivo Rittig did not miss the midday sailing of Karlos’s men’s court on the Vltava. As she was changed, during the afternoon he went as a witness.