Milan Havel from Pilsen enjoys glu to St. Sparta.
| photo: TK

If they had a similar cold-blooded pot in a national team jersey during a bar in the village, they could have been at the World Cup. Against Spart, after twenty minutes of play, he led me to the center, scored millimeters for the distance, and made a plunge jump for two strokes.

The others again showed how to make a soup from Letn um. The last time Sparan took the lead from the trunks was a year ago. And that’s a damn long time.

Against Spart bv motivation always great. In addition, they were such waves this time. They were driving people, so we took advantage of it, lil Havel.

As if Pilsen was not harmed even by the expulsion of Buchy, who pulled down the escaping Peka and sent his team into weakness. In ten players Viktoria added tet gl.

Havel takes the blame for the red card domcho stedopolae on himself. I had to back off, instead I took a step forward, he described.

But he doesn’t have to regret a small mistake. Plzean have approached the title they have been waiting for for three years. But I wouldn’t want to talk about that at all. We go from time to time all season, so we only focus on Hradec. we have our dream, he said.

Viktoria will now travel to Mladá Boleslav, where he will be challenged by Hradec Krlov, and a domestic duel with the Ostrava Bank.

And then?

Kepen on the player ploe and celebrations?

The defeat over Sparta gave the championship ambitions a strong foundation. That’s how all the best seasons of the seasons should have turned out, Havel said.