The famous director expressed his opinion about the future fate of the domestic film industry.

Vladimir Khotinenko noted that, in theory, new horizons are opening up for domestic films. First of all, this is due to the fact that foreign films have practically ceased to be released in Russian distribution, so that Russian films have virtually no competitors.

At the same time, Khotinenko warned that even in spite of this, the country’s film industry is in for not the easiest times. According to the director, the rules of the game in the modern world have changed, and it is important for Russian cinema to be able to adapt to them.

“Our cinematography will undergo quite serious tests. The share of domestic rental was 20-30 percent of the total mass, and now please – all 100%, ”the director explained.

At the same time, Vladimir Khotinenko emphasizes that it is important not to make too hasty decisions that can only harm. According to the expert, cinematography should develop through evolution, without revolutionary interventions.