Unlike some two attempts, far from all new mobile phone features are currently undercutting the price. An example of this is the Vivo phones, which have been profiled as such since the entry into the market. This relatively young car on the market still has a fairly new brand name phone so it wants to compete with established premium products. In this case, Samsung specifically, which is the market for premium smartphones with Android at our leader.

Samsung’s biggest selling point has been the Galaxy A model for some time now, and our users are most likely to choose the A5x models. It sold well in the A50 type, the hit was the A51 and last year various variants of the Galaxy A52 type competed for the position of the best-selling Samsung. So it’s no wonder that Vivo has a similar direction in its new premium smartphone. The V23 5G is the competition for the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G.

We will compare it with them, so we will not go into detail at the moment, we will bring them later. But it can be seen that in Viva they wanted to keep the popular Samsung model line in mind, and at least on paper, they even succeeded. On the other hand, the result is a relatively ambitious price of 11,999 crowns, which is more than what Samsung’s current adept is a hit.

What will I get for those pensions?

Very well equipped smartphone you medium now. In essence, the price of responses in equipment, workmanship and design, on the other hand, does not mean that there is only one thing in the evening that first of all, because of the price, someone would not be able to turn up their noses. While Samsung is a master of inconspicuous compromises and in favor of its features, Vivo in the V23 5G model could not reach many compromises, only as a result, it has the first effect on that price.

Pros and cons

To buy:

  • peak processing
  • Rid and effective gold made
  • Poveden selfie photo camera
  • Fast charged

For not buying:

When? For sale

For how much? 11 999 K

On the other hand, it means that the Vivo V23 5G is definitely not a smart smartphone. The 6.44-inch AMOLED display with integrated flow fingerprint and refresh rate of 90 Hz is a very solid feature. The Sun is a MediaTek Dimensity 920 processor with 5G support, which adds 12 GB of RAM and a nice portion of 256 GB of internal memory (this is not possible). Vivo got rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack (reduction from USB-C is included), but on the other hand, in the package with the phone, the user gets a charger or a simple silicone cover, which provides basic protection of the phone from damage. It is important that for the pension the user gets a peak of workmanship and quality use of materials. And so good design.

So is it nice and high quality?

Yes, that’s how it could be honored. In terms of design, it’s definitely not that Vivo is embarking on a new path, the V23 5G is still a fairly normal smartphone with a fairly simple look. This foundation is subsequently supplemented in two levels. The first is the processing, which is equal to the peaks. The frame of the phone is made of aviation clay, which can show resistance to classic clay, whether it covers the glass. By the way, instead of the usual Gorilla Glass, Vivo (at least at the front, at the back it doesn’t show) Schott Xensation Up glass. Slcovn is perfect and the phone gives a solid impression, so it is a bit of a pity that Vivo did not add the day of the official level of water and dust resistance.

The second level is complemented by the appearance of the phone itself. Customers can choose either a conservative black design, whether it has a certain metallic and glitter shine, also definitely not Vivo V23 5G completely inconspicuous. The second option is the surface, which changes color according to the intensity of light that falls on it. The back cover then absorbs UV light and, depending on how much it catches, varies from gold to purple and blue and green. This is an interesting detail that allows you to create a pattern on the back glass by covering the back of the phone, but only temporarily, because after uncovering it, it quickly adapts to the rest of the surface. We discussed the effect in more detail first impressions of the phone. This feature can be an interesting tool, it does not affect the functionality of the phone. For some, there may be such changes, but the Vivo V23 5G is generally aimed at young audiences, where this curiosity is sure to find its fans.

M njak trump cards ve vbav?

Vivo V23 5G tries to capture several elements of equipment, which are not fully competitive. Ns appeals to a fast charge with a power of 44 W, which allows the phone to charge to 68% capacity in 30 minutes. Patin nabjeka is in the package, so the user does not have to know how to do this power. The battery itself has an average capacity of 4,200 mAh, and in practice the phone answers this: one day or two quiet on a single charged phone, it is a standard that will not inspire you. But the fast charging power of the flash adds energy and it pushes the phone into a better light. On the other hand, there is the Funtouch OS 12 system, which in some places makes quite a lot of menu items and is not fully tuned as we would imagine.

An unusual element of the phone is the assembly of the front camera. Here are two pictures that, instead of the ring, issued a slightly more prominent display. We are not full fans of such een, but the manufacturer tried to minimize it and the benefit for those who love selfie shots is obvious. In this case, we find the main fifty-megapixel camera (with automatic lining) and so a wide eight-megapixel (without lining). In addition, the V23 5G has a built-in light emitting diode in the upper part between the glass and the frame, which can illuminate the selfie shots in hormone light. Writing has a natural impression and the resulting pictures can really surprise you with their quality. For selfie enthusiasts, this is a really interesting choice, in many ways far more interesting, not the spikes of smartphones.

And what about the main camera?

Here we find a fairly common set of 64-megapixel main camera, eight-megapixel wide-angle and redundant two-megapixel macros. The whole looks like a solid impression, the focus is a variety of colors, sunny details (with the main sensor, a little bug with a wide angle) and deal with any light. Time on ns psob i non reim or snapshots with flash.

Vivo V23 5G as a whole does not dramatically expand the series, on the other hand, the long fok is exactly what we would expect from it and the resulting pictures are very good. Perhaps it is only when we take the main picture at close range that we observe a shallow depth of field and an overall rather sharp blur. Actually, we want that for which Vivo decided to add a macro photo camera, but with its two megapixels, nothing is really worth it, it was a futile attempt.

Can I have him?

The Vivo V23 5G is really a pretty good smartphone for you now. It has a lot of solid equipment without significant weaknesses and those weaknesses that the competition has. On the contrary, the excellent workmanship and overall quality of workmanship and thus some functional details. But let Vivo pay enough for the whole, 12,000 crowns is more than how much the competition wants this phone.

The main one is the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, which officially costs 500 crowns less, not the Vivo, but Samsung can conjure a suitable price with its actions. At the moment, the A53 5G can be sold for 10,500 crowns, which is an interesting difference. Yes, the customer will not get an offer or cover for the phone in the package, the body is plastic and the selfie will definitely not be like from Viva, but there is a somewhat successful display, a little better performance according to our chassis and Samsung boasts a battery life (by slow charge).

The competition is huge. Xiaomi has a model 11T with a fast charge (67W), a battery and a 108 megapixel focus for 11 thousand crowns. The OnePlus Nord2 offers a powerful Dimensity 1200 processor and recharges even faster, even at a price of 9,400 crowns. Buy a Motorola Moto G200 with a Snapdragon 888+ and a 108-megapixel main focus for ten thousand. Twelve thousand stand put a bloated piece, Realme GT Neo 2 5G with Snapdragon 870. Monost is quite a lot, the manufacturers are really interested in the day. However, even though the Vivo V23 5G belongs to these dram phones in this set, the customer is definitely good at it.