Vitamin B12 is recognized as the most important substance for tissue regeneration

Spanish experts from the Institute of Biomedical Research in Barcelona (IRB Barcelona) recognized vitamin B12 as the most important substance for tissue regeneration. Results of work published in the journal Nature Metabolism.

In the study, the authors focused on cell reprogramming—the process of reverting mature, specialized cells to the state of induced pluripotent stem cells. In other words, simulating the early phases of tissue repair. In an experiment on mice, the team found that this process consumes large amounts of vitamin B12 in the animals. In turn, vitamin deficiency delays and impairs some aspects of cellular reprogramming.

The findings were confirmed in a cell model of ulcerative colitis. Thus, intestinal cells that initiate repair were regenerated more effectively with the introduction of additional vitamin B12. It is suggested that patients with bowel disease may potentially benefit from appropriate supplementation.

In January 2022, staff from the University of Reading came concluded that taking high doses of vitamin B6 helps reduce the likelihood of depression and symptoms of anxiety.

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