Customers of the MOBIL.CZ virtual can only make a special birthday offer until 31 May. The weekly package with unlimited data will cost the same as last year for only 79 crowns, they can activate it in the application or self-service. The baud rate operator does not slow down the baud rate in the package.

In the current form of the pins, compared to losk, it offers one slightly improved, which needs customers traveling around the European Union. The erpn data limit in the EU was increased from 1.8 GB to 3 GB. So much data can be used in the EU, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland without worrying about any roaming charges.

The package can be activated repeatedly until the end of May. And in addition to the summer offer, the data was unlimited due to the large mobile troika, ie the operator O2, Vodafone and T-Mobile.

For example, T-Mobile, in its capacity MOBIL.CZ, will publish on the same stack a data package containing 500 MB of data. As the only mobile operator, it also offers a package of unlimited data. Customers with a Twist card will ensure unlimited data for either a single day (for 69 K) or a weekend (for 149 K). A purely weekly package of unlimited data is therefore available in other domestic mobile and virtual operators.