December 17, 2022, 09:50 – Public News Service – OSN

Doctor of Biological Sciences, virologist Petr Chumakov explained why Russians are seriously ill with swine flu. Rambler writes about it.
According to the expert, this problem is due to the fact that most Russians have not had the flu for a long time.

Chumakov noted that this is the main reason why this year the disease will be more severe and more widespread. “During the coronavirus pandemic, we had no cases of influenza for almost two years because we observed lockdowns, kept our distance and wore masks,” he said.

For this reason, the influenza virus simply did not have the opportunity to break through and launch a large-scale offensive. Therefore, we were defenseless against the virus. “The swine flu strain itself is usually more difficult to tolerate than other types,” the doctor said.

In addition, the doctor said that as a result of the pandemic, most of those who recovered from coronovirus had weakened immunity. As the virologist explained, if the state of health was undermined by the coronavirus, then against this background, the flu will proceed in a severe form.

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