In early March, residents of the village of Gornouralsky near Nizhny Tagil began to complain on the terrible quality of the tap water: a sharp smell of sewage emanated from it. Because of this, kindergartens were even closed, and schoolchildren were transferred to distance learning. Many believed that the problems with water were connected with the agricultural complex located next door. But there were several culprits. The press service of the Prigorodny prosecutor’s office told about the results of the check.

Cold water is supplied to the village of Gornouralsky from the Verkhne-Vyisky hydroelectric complex. The networks also pass through the territory of the nearby agricultural complex. It turned out that the integrity of the enclosing structure of the silt mineralizers of the pig farm was broken and the animal waste was just merged in the area where the pipes were worn out. This led to water pollution.

According to the decision of the district prosecutor’s office, the Gornouralsky agricultural complex needs not only to eliminate the accident at the treatment plant, but also to develop a set of measures so that such situations do not recur. Municipal unitary enterprise “Prigorodnaya heat supply company”, which is engaged in the transportation of water from the hydroelectric complex, must put the centralized networks in order, restore the integrity of the pipes, and exclude the possibility of pollutants entering. The leaks have now been fixed.

During the inspection, other violations were also found. Inspection wells of water pipes passing through the territory of the pig farm are not equipped with manhole covers. In addition, Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Prigorodnaya heat supply company” violated the requirements of SanPiN and used this site without an agreed sanitary protection zone. Now the company needs to organize it. The prosecutor’s office promises to control the execution of the court’s decision.

But that’s not all. LLC “Gornouralskaya company” Teploresurs “, responsible for the supply of water to the houses of the village, did not control its quality. The directors of the organization were brought to disciplinary responsibility for violating the sanitary and epidemiological legislation. The company itself was charged with an administrative offense and fined.

“Teploresurs” made residents recalculate the payment for water. The company reduced the amount of payment by 50% for the period when the residents of the village were supplied with water of inadequate quality.

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