Village Day was celebrated in Voskhod Kadomsky district

On July 30, a holiday dedicated to the birthday of the village was held in the village House of Culture.

For the first time in documents, data about the village of Poltevy-Penki appeared in 1645, 377 years ago. 56 years ago the village was renamed Voskhod. At the beginning of 1986, a folklore group appeared, the number of participants of which reached eighty people. Then there were “Sunrise gatherings”.

The head of the Voskhodsk rural settlement, Natalya Kustkova, congratulated and presented memorable gifts to Alexandra Mikheykina, Lidia Tikhomirova, Viktor Bushenkov, former soloists of the folklore group, on the holiday.

Natalya Kustkova:

“At one time, these people were real stars not only of the district, but also of the regional scale. They have made a huge, invaluable contribution to the development of the culture of our village.”

Congratulations on this day were accepted by the anniversaries who crossed the ninety-year milestone, those who turned 85 years old and who celebrated their 70th birthday. Married couples who have lived together for decades.
The villagers were congratulated on the holiday and presented with gifts by the guests of the holiday: the head of the administration of the Kadomsky district Alexander Kochetkov, the director of the Kadomsky technological college, the secretary of the local branch of the United Russia party Nikolai Rykov.

Alexander Kochetkov:

“We can say that Village Day is a family holiday, because all its inhabitants are like members of a large family. Today I wish the Voskhodists prosperity, well-being and, of course, health.”
Employees and participants of amateur performances performed for residents and guests of the holiday.