Village Day celebrated in the village of Podvislovo, Ryazhsky District

On July 29, in the village of Podvislovo, Ryazhsky District, the Day of the Village was celebrated.

Warm words and wishes were voiced for fellow villagers from the head of the Poplevinsky rural settlement Christina Goltaeva:

“I really hope that the village will live forever. That children will be born and grow in it. Each new generation will continue to live and become a worthy replacement. I wish you that in the morning the children go to school, and the adults go to work, so that the songs do not stop over the river. Take care of your village, decorate it and be proud of it! Peace to you, joy, happiness and kindness!

Guests of the holiday were treated to delicious pastries.

Participants of the amateur art activities of the Podvislovsky rural House of Culture, the folklore group “Ocharovashki” performed in the concert program.

The audience warmly greeted the artists and sang their favorite songs in unison.