On July 28, Village Day was celebrated in Kuliki, Olkhovsky rural settlement of Shatsk District.

Evgeny Knyazev, head of the settlement:

“The villagers are looking forward to this holiday. They have the opportunity to take a break from everyday household chores, which in the summer – from dawn to dusk, at least for a few hours, to meet all together at the concert venue, to listen to the performance of artists. At the bottom of the village, according to tradition, we give memorable gifts to the village workers, anniversaries and activists. This year, Alexandra Dmitrievna Khrapkova was noted in the nomination “The oldest resident of the village”, and Tatyana Sergeevna Karnyushkina was noted for “Long work experience”. Anna and Viktor Bogomolov, Galina and Ivan Kuvshinov received gifts in the nomination “Married couple who have lived for 45 years or more.” Spouses Rozhkovs – Sergey and Svetlana – a young married family of the village of Kuliki.

The song ensemble of the Cossack Center “Cossack Expanse” performed at the summer venue. Many started to dance, sang along with Shatsk artists. On occasion, social workers came to Kuliki to answer the questions of the villagers.

Irina Kirsanova, deputy head of the administration of the Shatsk district for economic issues, and Sergei Kosmynin, secretary of the local branch of the United Russia party, came to the celebration. They warmly communicated with the villagers.

The holiday ended, but no one was in a hurry to disperse. They drank tea from a samovar, soft drinks with cakes and sweets, talked, sang pensions and danced.

“Thank you for the holiday, for your attention,” the villagers thanked the organizers of the Village Day.