Blogger Ekaterina Repyakhova, unlike her husband, is unhappy with Misha’s new image

Ekaterina Repyakhova spoke about her reaction when she saw her son after a hairdresser

Ekaterina Repyakhova spoke about her reaction when she saw her son after a hairdresser / Photo:

More recently Viktor Pavlik and his wife Ekaterina Repyakhova celebrated my son’s first birthday. Parents arranged a real holiday for Misha in Ivano-Frankivsk. The couple doubted to hold a holiday during the war, but nevertheless decided that the first year should be remembered by the boy.

As Repyakhova shared in Instastories , they stopped in Ivano-Frankivsk for a few days. After his birthday, Viktor Pavlik decided to take his son to a hairdresser. But, probably, Katya did not really like this idea. She was worried that her son would be shaved bald.

Our dad said that Misha’s haircut with scissors is not a haircut. And he went to the hairdresser’s with Misha. I hope the child fox will not come, – wrote Repyakhova.

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Subsequently, Pavlik’s wife showed what changes her son had undergone. So, in the barbershop Misha … shaved baldlyWhat Katya was so afraid of. It was unusual for Repyakhova to see her son like this.

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Shock. It’s a good thing I didn’t let this happen until my birthday. I don’t know how to get used to it. I console myself with the fact that these are not teeth, they will grow back, – the blogger wrote.

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But Viktor Frankovich liked the new image of his son. The artist said that the boy is now a copy of dad 🙂

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Recall, a few days before the birthday of Misha Ekaterina Repyakhova celebrated her 28th birthday. The blogger celebrated her day in Lviv with family and friends.