Police officers from the emergency motorized unit, who were free on Wednesday around the noon of the aggressive scene, only had to move around on the Slavonic Island and be aggressive towards people, said the regional police spokesman Jan Dank.

The policeman lost the intrusion into the city, however, the one in front of them jumped into the river and tried to swim. Pobl was on his trap, so they asked him to cooperate and started chasing the swimmers.

Anyone who has ever ridden a boat will probably admit that it is not exactly the most agile machine and the swimmer therefore had a chance to maneuver for a while, quickly changed the direction of sailing and could not be caught, Dank described the unusual situation.

However, the volunteer took on the engine of the boat, gave the police and in front of them at the foreigner had no children. The policeman jumped into the water for him. They pacified him and pulled him on the boat and then on the run.

He had an epileptic seizure and ended up in the hospital. And he will be released from the hospital, so the police will deal with him both before their arrival and the subsequent attempt at swimming, Dank added.