Jana Nagyov and Jan Buda presented the upcoming play Prince Mamnek in Vary (June 6, 2022).
| photo: Jakub Stadler,

Buda’s story, which opens in theaters on June 27, 2022, will be the focus of the cast of the prince’s mother. After years, Jana Nagyov, the representative of Arabela, returns to the camera in the role of the queen. Ondej Vetch, Veronika Khek Kubaov, Boleslav Polvka and Martin Huba appear in other roles.

The comedy Stdavka, premiering on August 4, promises an acting star. Jitka vanarov, Martin Hofmann, Anna Polvkov, Eva Holubov, Kristna Svarinsk and Ji Vyorlek solidified the community of former and current partners who help each other in the care of children. You can find examples in the video.