The royals know that their exposure in public can lead to trouble or disaster. For example, the press would be enough to cause a catastrophe, because we all remember the tragic death of Lady Di at the hands of the paparazzi in the tunnel of the soul in Paris. However, she is not the only member of the British royal family to have been subjected to such attacks.

In 1994, the current King Charles III, who was then the Prince of Wales, arrived in Australia on an official visit. Charles was on stage to give a speech when a shot could be heard, but the Prince of Wales did not know it was a shot and his expression showed it.

Carlos realized what was happening when one of his guards pushed him aside to protect him while other guards tried to restrain the “suspected attacker” of Queen Elizabeth II’s son. The 58-year-old attacker said that he did it because he wanted to”clean the royal family of vermin«.

However the King Charles III He was not the only member to face this type of attack, since several times members of the family have been attacked by “fans” who have wanted to end the lives of some members of the royal family.

Among the attacks, one of them went towards the Queen isabel II, who was celebrating Trooping The Color on one of his horses in 1981, when suddenly, a man named Marcus Serjeant he pointed a gun at the queen and shot 6 times in a row.

The attacker was immediately arrested by British police and luckily the Queen was not injured.