Gerard Piqué A decisive year for his life ends in 2022. This year, the Spaniard retired from professional football after triumphing in Barcelona and in the Spanish team, in addition, he ended his twelve-year relationship with Shakira, who is from Barranquilla and started a new relationship with the 23-year-old girl, Clara Chia Marti.

In the hours before the end of the year, the Gerard Piqué He has been very busy with his business related to “influencers” Y gamers, Likewise, the newspapers have reported all his movements with his new partner, the young Clear, whom he allegedly met at his company Kosmos.

Now that the year is over, Gerard Piqué is news again, that’s because Amazon Prime recently released a documentary about the football team Barcelona.

In the video we see that Xavi He promises the players a day off to go to “Disney” or to go out with a “lover”, at that statement Pique reacts with a gesture of discomfort, his gesture was a “sentence” that left him exposed, according to comments on social networks.

In the images, which have been quickly shared on social networks, the Barcelona coach, Xavi Hernandez, seems to be giving a technical talk to the team, during his speech, the former footballer said:

If we win today, they have one more day, you can go to Disney, rest, family, lover or whatever you have.

In the moment in which Xavi said “lover”, Gerard Piqué, who until that moment was still and calm, begins to touch his face and then began to laugh.

The video already exceeds one million views and netizens said in the comments that this movement can be called a “confession” only


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