We have presented various events in the past, such as the outbreak of the first world wolves in 2014 together with the Technical Museum in Brno and the Moravian Museum. For example, this locomotive took the historic train with Frantik Ferdinand d’Este’s salted car to the event, and an interesting moment in history came from Karel Ksandr, CEO of the National Technical Museum (NTM).

He managed to obtain funds from the Integrated Regional Operational Program (IROP), which will repair those steam locomotives from the museum’s collection. The steam locomotive 210.001 Serenyi and 411.019 Conrad Vorlauf are currently being restored.

This steam locomotive 464,102 called Uat repairs company 1. Kolnsk locomotive.

The locomotive is seemingly in the horseshoe, but at once a few thousand kilometers and needs overhaul, said the colossus, which in the dark one hundred tons, Jan Palas, director of the NTM Industrial Museum.

The locomotive will leave for the Letohrad repair shop by rail, which will be a total of 170 kilometers. The repair itself will take place in 2022 and 2023.

The locomotive will then become a fully operational exhibit of the National Technical Museum and will be on display at all historic trains on our tratches, said Jana Dobiskov, speaking to NTM.

Steam trains will depart under Krlick Snnk, twice as well as Poland

The 464.102 locomotive from 1940 is one of two prototypes that were to be used as a base for the 464.1 locomotive series, following on from the very fast and popular 464.0 series machines, which were manufactured in the KD line in Prague in the Czech Republic.

Due to the circumstances, the Uat bag could not be produced, so only two prototypes remained for the first time, of which the species was acquired in 1980 for the collection of the National Technical Museum.

The museum is working so intensively on the new Museum of Railway and Electrical Engineering NTM (ME), which will be established by 2028 in the former locomotive depot in the vicinity of Masaryk Railway Station in Prague, one of the oldest and most uniquely preserved railway complexes in Europe.