In Taganrog, on the eve of the 77th anniversary of the Great Victory, a youth action “Victory Waltz” was held on October Square. It was organized by the representative of the Interstate Union of Hero Cities in the Rostov region Alexey Makedon.

The campaign was first held in 2016. On the eve of Victory Day, on October Square, young men and women waltz to the legendary song of the war years “The Blue Handkerchief”. This waltz has become a symbol of a peaceful sky, the feat of the Soviet people and female fidelity.

This year, more than 2,000 schoolchildren were circling in the Victory Waltz. The veteran of the Great Patriotic War “Righteous Among the Nations” Igor Alexandrovich Polugorodnik also spoke to the students.

It became symbolic that during the “Victory Waltz” a wedge of cranes flew in the sky over October Square, as if reminding people of the words of a famous song.

Earlier we talked about the fact that the songs of the war years Leonid Smetannikov sang for the people of Taganrog.

Anatoly Ivashov, photo by the author