On May 9, solemn events dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War were held in the Kurakhsky regional center.

Columns of institutions and organizations, home front workers, veterans of the Afghan, Chechen wars and other local hostilities at 9:00 gathered on the square in front of the administration building of the MR “Kurakhsky District”. From there, with music, with portraits of the Heroes of the Soviet Union, relatives who died in the Second World War, flags, posters and slogans, they moved to the main square of the district center. On the way, columns of demonstrators from the Kurakh Secondary School No. 1, the Central District Hospital, rural settlements and the Kurakh Secondary School No. 2 with Victory Banners, Flags of the Republic of Dagestan, the Russian Federation and other colorful visual aids joined the solemn procession.

At the park of culture, the columns stopped to lay wreaths at the obelisk to the Kurakh people who gave their lives for the Fatherland.

The solemn event was held in the area’s cultural park. The participants honored the memory of the fallen soldiers on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War with a moment of silence.

Zamir Azizov, head of the district addressed the audience and all residents of the district with a congratulatory speech.

“Dear residents of the region! Victory Day is a symbol of heroism, courage and bravery of those who defended their homeland. This is a call to persistently fight for increasing the glory of our ancestors, for great Russia, for a world without war! More than 3,000 people left our district for the front, and 1,800 of them did not return to their homeland. Two from our region became Heroes of the Soviet Union – Araz Aliyev and Esed Salikhov.

We are proud of our heroes, veterans and home front workers, we are infinitely grateful to them,” he said.

In between performances, amateur artists of the MBU “Center for Culture, Leisure and Tourism” of the district administration sang songs of the war years. Everyone sang beautifully. The staff of the MBU “Center for Culture, Leisure and Tourism” gave a big concert to the participants of the celebration.