Vicente Fernandez Preferred to Die to Receive a Transplant from Someone

The residents lament the lack of information from the City Council and the Lisbon Metro on the layout of the extension of the red line to Alcântara, of which they have learned through the media and an environmental impact study. This is how they also learned that some of their houses could be demolished.

If you go up the Calçada do Livramento, towards the Palácio das Necessidades, you will find on the left a small hidden patio that Isaura Fernandes would like not to disappear. “The birds are heard. I like to be here. The 71-year-old woman shows the vases she has around her door, a banana tree in a small garden. “I have my plants, my flowers, my neighbors here. It’s going to cost me a lot if I have to get out of here. Why does the line have to go through here?