On the morning of December 12, the whole world woke up shocked by the news that Vicente Fernandez has died. Through their official social networks, the singer’s family published a statement.

Rest in peace Mr. Vicente Fernández. We regret to inform you of his death on Sunday, December 12 at 6:15 am. It was an honor and a great pride to share a great musical career with everyone and to give everything for his audience. Thank you for continuing to applaud, thank you for continuing to sing“.

The 81-year-old man’s cause of death was also revealed, a few years ago he underwent surgery that removed almost half of his liver due to a cancerous tumor. The following year he faced severe pulmonary thrombosis and, as if that were not enough, then 3 hernias were removed.

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But all this tragedy could have been avoided, although the fate is really uncertain. In 2019, the ranchera legend revealed on the show “First hand“I would rather die than receive a transplant from a homosexual or drug addict. Vicente revealed that he refused to receive a liver transplant in case the donor was gay.

While in Houston they found me a small ball in the bile ducts and it was cancer, they found a donor in two days but when they told me I interrupted the tour. They wanted to put another c4 & r0n’s liver on me and I said: no friend, I’m not going to sleep with my wife with another guy’s organ, nor do I know if he was homosexual or a drug addict“.