Veterans of the Great Patriotic War were congratulated in Yermishy

On May 7, the head of the Yermishinsky district, Igor Karpukhin, the head of the district administration, Yuri Vinogradov, the chairman of the council of veterans, Tatyana Mikhalina, and the executive secretary of the United Russia party, Olga Kildisheva, congratulated veterans of the Great Patriotic War on the upcoming Great Victory Day. They presented the veterans with greeting cards from the Governor of the Ryazan region Nikolai Lyubimov, as well as flowers and gifts. Words of gratitude for the feat and heroism, an invaluable contribution to the common Victory, for life under a peaceful sky were conveyed by the guests to the front-line heroes.

Igor Karpukhin, head of the Yermishinsky district:

Today we congratulated Klavdia Ilyinichna Tyurina, Nikolai Maksimovich Morzhavikov, Ivan Pavlovich Lipatkin, Anna Ivanovna Mishina, Vasily Korneevich Safronov. Our duty is to honor their deeds. I bow to our veterans for everything they experienced during the war years, for many years of conscientious work in peacetime. Their life is a worthy example of perseverance, courage and patriotism for each of us.“.