Veteran of the Great Patriotic War Ivan Parshin congratulated on his anniversary in Mikhailov

On May 14, the front-line soldier turned 95 years old. Relatives gathered to congratulate the veteran – children, grandchildren, friends. From the very morning the veteran received guests. I must say that the morning turned out to be clear and sunny, as if nature itself had prepared a gift for the hero of the day.

Deputy head of the district administration for social issues and social protection of the population, Natalya Grishina, handed over to Ivan Ivanovich congratulatory addresses from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, deputy of the Ryazan Regional Duma Vladimir Sidorov and the head of the district administration Yevgeny Sidorov. Gave flowers and gifts. Natalya Mikhailovna wished the front-line soldier good health, happiness, a peaceful sky and thanked him for the great feat in the name of life. The chairman of the regional council of veterans, Vladislav Moskvitin, congratulated Ivan Ivanovich on his jubilee and wished him good health and well-being.

Pupils of the second school congratulated the veteran on his anniversary. They sang songs of the war years, presented flowers and a sweet gift – a pie. Artists of the regional House of Culture Denis Kochanov and Alexander Kamenshchikov performed the compositions “Song of the front-line driver” and “Smuglyanka”. The veteran sang with pleasure.

“Thank you very much for your attention, for your care, for not forgetting. You are great fellows, – Ivan Ivanovich warmly thanked the numerous guests. I was watching TV yesterday. I am very grateful to our leaders for organizing the celebration of May 9th. What a good holiday they had in the city, how many people there were! I really liked it. Everything is beautiful, good, neat, friendly. Well done! Thank you very much”.

Ivan Ivanovich shows a photo with great-grandchildren Danila and Savely. Both are cadets, successors of the glorious traditions of the defenders of the Fatherland. One studies in Voronezh, and the other in Rostov. They came on a visit, visited their great-grandfather and took pictures for memory.

Ivan Parshin tells how difficult it was during the war years:

“At the age of 16, they took me to a vocational school. There were 16 guys and 18 girls, they brought us to Moscow and we ended up at the Molotov factory. Instead of studying, they became porters. Three people per car. We went to factories, factories, carried goods to bases, and from there all this was sent to the front.

There were cards. And we were young, we were hungry, of course. They went home “hares”, there was no money. In the fall of 1944, they took me into the army, into a rifle regiment. We had one youth, born in 1926-1927. Prepared for the capture of Berlin. And when our troops were successfully marching on Berlin, we were detained. We loaded them into working wagons, we called them “veal”, and sent them to the Far East. We drove for a month and a half, waiting for the order. We drove up to Mongolia, and we were told that we were going to war with Japan. On August 8 we went to the front. They crossed the Greater Khingan and moved on with fighting. In mid-August, I was shell-shocked. I ended up in the hospital, lay there, probably for three weeks, and from there they sent me to South Sakhalin.

Ivan Ivanovich served in South Sakhalin for four years. Then he returned, started working in agriculture, became a tractor driver at KhTZ. Then he unlearned as a combine driver, passed on the rights, began to work on a combine.

And when the family arrived in Mikhailov, he got a job as a driver in a quarry. From there he moved to housing and communal services, where he worked for 28 years.

“Our family is big. When we arrived in Mikhailov, there were six of us, my wife and I and our children. And we had a little room – 12 meters. The management helped me line up. I worked all my life in good conscience. There is no shame in remembering. He worked with a pure heart. The Lord gave me to live to such an age … My wife worked in the “Toiler”, first as a seamstress, and then as a master. She passed away early… I was left alone. Thanks to the children and grandchildren for helping, visiting, caring.”

“He is our best father, grandfather and great-grandfather,” Ivan Ivanovich’s relatives say. “We all love him very much and wish him good health and wellness.”