Veterans congratulated on Victory Day in Chuchkovo

On May 6, Chuchkov veterans of the Great Patriotic War were congratulated on Victory Day.

Closer to noon, a festive motorcade appeared in the village of Chuchkovo, driving up to the homes of veterans. The first to receive congratulations were esteemed women, two former prisoners of concentration camps Raisa Ivanovna Petrova and Maria Mikhailovna Semenova. Cultural workers dedicated a concert program to each. And the military personnel of military unit No. 3651, minting a step, marched in a solemn formation, saluting the courage and steadfastness of the villagers who defeated fascism.

Exactly the same processions and concerts were held under the windows of Vladimir Timofeevich Kopeikin, who liberated Ukraine, Belarus and Poland from the Nazis during the Great Patriotic War. Haykaz Sarkisovich Antonyan, who fought with Bandera in 1945, also met the guests on the threshold of his house.

Together with the veterans, the workers of the car club sang “Katyusha”, “Viennese waltz” and “Victory Day”. Senior Sergeant Dmitry Martynov performed the song “Let’s bow to those great years.”

A little later, schoolchildren from the Zvezda Youth Army detachment joined the solemn march of the National Guard. At the end of each mini-concert – a snapshot for memory. For relatives of veterans, this was especially important.

Head of the district administration Alexey Kondrashov appealed to every veteran. According to him, the older generation will forever remain an example of unbending will and high dedication.

“Now, when our military is fighting for world peace, your feat, which you accomplished more than 70 years ago, is all the more valuable. We are grateful to you for all your post-war conquests too. You defeated Nazism then, we will definitely defeat it now. A low bow to you, now living, and to those who are not with us. They will remain in our memory forever!

Maria Semenova, a former prisoner of the concentration camp, a resident of the village of Chuchkovo:

“Thank you, my dears! Thanks for the memory, thanks for the youth. Thank you for your reliability, despite the turbulent times.”