This will help to quickly de-occupy settlements

Vereshchuk appealed to the residents of the Kherson region / Photo: Artur Widak / NurPhoto via Getty Images, collage: "Today"

Vereshchuk appealed to the residents of the Kherson region / Photo: Artur Widak / NurPhoto via Getty Images, collage: “Today”

Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories Irina Vereshchuk calls on residents of the temporarily occupied territory Kherson region leave. This will facilitate the de-occupation of settlements.

About this Vereshchuk stated during the briefing.


She stressed that residents of the Kherson region, especially those who have children, should not give up the opportunities to leave that the occupiers provide them, because this will speed up the de-occupation of the region by the Ukrainian army.

“Leave, please, because our army will definitely de-occupy these lands. Our will to do this is unshakable. And it will be very difficult to open a humanitarian corridor when there are children there. It was difficult in Mariupol, and in the Kherson region it will be even more difficult. Because the enemy is learning, becoming even more cynical, using human shields, especially children,” Vereshchuk said.

In addition, she urged to use the opportunity to leave through the temporarily occupied Crimea, with the help of fake documents issued by the occupiers for this, and assured that the Ukrainian authorities would not punish them for this.

What does the de-occupation of Ukraine depend on?

Depends on arms supplies to Ukraine de-occupation rate territories of our state.

“I am grateful that (weapons. – Ed.) Are coming in. But it should come faster if we all live with the same goal – for there to be peace, so that there is no war in Europe and so that this war of the Russian Federation does not go to other countries, in EU countries and NATO countries. And I am sure that she has such dreams and thoughts,” he said.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy stressed that the further plans of the aggressor country in relation to other states depend on the power and stability of Ukraine.

“I am sure that if Ukraine is not powerful, they will go further. Kyiv is not the finish line in their marathon. This is the beginning for them. We have shown our power, and now it is very important that our Western partners show this power with us,” – the President noted.

According to the head of state, if the supply of weapons is delayed, the war in Ukraine will become stagnant.

“Everyone will stand still. There will be an advance of one or another side one to five kilometers forward, then one to five kilometers back. If there are more weapons that we have in our request to our partners, then we will begin to move forward,” he noted.

Former site “Today” informedthat Zhdanov named three options for the release of Kherson. Also we wrotethat the Russian Federation blocked 14 ships in occupied Kherson.