From your vacation to the island of Socotra, you went straight to the honor of Osmany Laffita’s book.

We are a very long time comrade. Osmany also did projects with me for Kapka nadje and we are happy. We also spent New Year’s Eve two years ago, we are also really close to each other.

How did you vacation?

It was very nice, but I feel like I’m nowhere. You always get away with it and you have to come back to real life. But at least there are some memories left.

So that you go somewhere again …

He would like that. And we are also going to Croatia for a week with my friend and children. She has the same old girl as Pepka, she also has children.

Samy bez pn?

Only we with children can stay at home, because it will be one big race and szky. Her holika zan walk, Pepa lt, also confusion.

For all the confusion that should have happened at home, but look great.

Dkuju. I wonder if I arrived without a stain at all, they were wearing each other. I’m dreaming, but the fact is that Pepek is great and a lot of joy. That gives me the energy to handle everything.

Manel vm nepomh?

Like a guy to help me (smch). Pepek is for them at the park, they were together to pick a tree to build a lighthouse. You guys like it and that’s fine.

So are you happy in your life?

I’m fine, but I think I’ve always been happy. I take into account that I can go all the way, the hunter will make me sick, never know what. When the period of my life made sense.

Vendula Pizingerov