Vasily Bogatov, a veteran from the Shatsk district, fought against the nationalists for seven years

Veteran of the Great Patriotic War Vasily Anisimovich Bogatov lives in the village of Chernaya Sloboda, Shatsk District. At the age of 17, he went to fight, and he had to fight with cruel and terrible enemies – Bandera on the territory of Ukraine, Belarus, Poland.

“The summons to the front was handed to me in November 1944,” says the veteran. – The type of troops in which I served – the NKVD-MGB, was sent to fight the Bandera, who, in their cruelty, were not much different from the Nazis. The Nazis at the front could be distinguished at least by their uniforms, and these during the day are ordinary residents of villages and farms, and at night they are cynical bandits. They didn’t care who was in front of them – a man or a woman, an old man or a child, it didn’t matter who they shot, as long as he was suspected of sympathizing with the Soviet government … “

Vasily Anisimovich also fought among those who liquidated a large formation of Polish nationalists.

“As a result of a three-day operation on the territory of Poland, we destroyed 89 and captured 26 bandits alive,” he continued. – In addition to the elimination of bandit formations, we were engaged in the protection of party meetings on the organization of collective farms in the liberated territories. We were constantly at the combat post, following the bandits on the heels and giving them no rest. A small oversight could lead to irreparable. There was a case with me when I almost fell under the bullet of my own officer. They sent us to the farm where the leader of the bandits lived, to see what he was doing. During the day they sat in the neighboring village, and at night they went to watch the criminal’s house. After a while, we ran out of food. And my friend and I went to the unit for dry rations. Returning back, we lost our landmark, and went out to our own people from a completely different direction … Only the officer’s vigilance and secret passwords saved our lives then … “

The dangerous service of Vasily Anisimovich Bogatov stretched out for seven long years. He returned home with his wife Katyusha, whom he met in Belarus, and their newborn son returned in 1951. All his life he conscientiously and honestly worked on the Vperyod collective farm. This year, the veteran celebrated his 95th birthday, and now he is preparing for the 77th time to celebrate his most holy holiday, Victory Day.