Actress Jitka Vanarov (44) lived up to her reputation as a femme fatale and showed what to show off. And Martin Hofmann (44), who for a while did not know where his eyes were, was watching his fellow actor from the new comedy Stdavka. Suddenly, the diva showed what she had under her feet.

It was fun at the premiere of the film Stdavka. And that’s not only thanks to the fact that the entire event took place in the children’s park in Zlin, but also the main representative Jitka Vanarov she took care of the lift. I think the informal atmosphere of the whole event awakened a playful mood around the fellow actors Martin Hofmann she drove off.

She sprawled out next to him on the couch, revealing a sexy lace bra that only her husband should have seen. Peter Adek. But they both took it as a joke and laughed at each other.

If they weren’t assigned individually, one would say that they don’t just look like friends from a movie plate.

Jitka undressed herself and showed her bra.

Jitka undressed herself and showed her bra.

In the end, only Jitka calmed down and preferred to devote herself to the duties surrounding the premiere. Pitom decided that she had something to show, and she did it for a long time.