Hereka Vanda Chaloupkov (31) presented herself as a wild boar at the ceremonial premiere of The President. la from nrue to nrue, they gave kisses to the cleavage in front of the new partner. This evening belonged not only to the heroine Ae Geislerov (46), but also to the young generation.

Even though Lucerna, where the long-awaited romantic comedy premieres, is big, for Vanda Chaloupkov√° not. She was under here and there, she was just here. She showed herself in front of photographers in sexy robes, revealing sexy curves of a beautiful actress, so she painted with the men present.

It was up to the Blue series to know that he is in his heart, that he loves trusts and ceremonial events, where he can play with friends and set out to stand the waters of Czech show business.

Pedevm by his side was time. She was constantly taking pictures with someone in front of the banner for the film. Once it was her boxing coach, the second unknown gentleman, who gave her a kiss in the cleavage, all in the presence of her partner.

Let’s get started here, Vanda laughed at all sides.

Vanda with her partner.

Vanda drank with her partner, but she also attracted the attention of others.

she often had fun with her colleagues Aou Geislerwho was behind the star of Vera, but Vanda gasped on her heels. Konen one of the younger generation, who not only can play, but so on the red carpet behave like a paint shop, but not the first challenge.

Hereka was drifting away.

Nejkrsnj dmy veera, Aa Geislerov and Vanda Chaloupkov.

But her boyfriend stared at her and always looked where his sweetheart was. She was like a wild egg and the lantern was small, but she always drank his mouth and assured him that he was only there with him.

Hereka got a partner who resembles Aquaman a little after the divorce, when her marriage only lasted a year. But now it looks like she found the first duo and so you look.