The famous artist of kpop He surprised all his fans with his most recent revelation, which demonstrates the pleasant homely facet that the idol

v revealed “being married and even having a child” in a recent video that completely surprised everyone ARMY.

It seems that taehyung his home facet was already advanced, and that is that together with his friend, the actor Wooshik, thrilled their fans after “acting” as if they were a newlywed couple.

In the latest video from the reality show, which airs on DisneyPlus, the actor was washing a chicken. That’s when Taehyung approaches as they both begin to say that one of them will bathe her baby and they call each other sweetheart. The clip was shared on social networks and has been massively liked by the ARMY for the way V assumes his household responsibility.

Until now, V has been immersed in various romance rumors. Nevertheless, HYBE, company in charge of bangtan, He has not given concise statements about it, much less have they been able to confirm if any of the members is dating someone.