The popular singer and member of BTS, V, showed his great admiration for BLACKPINK and especially for the member Jennie, who is the idol with whom he has been linked in a romantic relationship for several months.

Although the courtship of taehyung and Jennie, the evidence that demonstrated a loving bond between the two artists, was truly compelling and real.

Despite this, the army Y BLINK He can’t help but accept that something is going on between them. And so it has been recorded in images, videos and other meetings that both idols have had throughout their careers.

On one occasion, the BTS member showed him the great affection he has for Jennie, when he “dedicated” a dance to the singer while performing with BLACKPINK on stage.

The singer was caught chanting and recreating the choreography of the girl band during his performance, something that undoubtedly drove the ARMY crazy and that was recorded in different videos.

V He has repeatedly shown that he knows all the songs of BLACKPINK, since there have been several opportunities in which the idol dance to the songs of the popular female group from Kpop.